Legend: Sailor Barney Sr.

He was an inventor, carney and tattoo artist.

He was also my friend.

Sailor Barney is a legend in the Tattoo World. He designed one of the seminal tattoo machines (Coastal) and it is sought after by collectors and artists the world over.

His equipment and artwork was proudly embraced by All American Tattoo & Photo. [11/1991]

2 thoughts on “Legend: Sailor Barney Sr.”

  1. Him and his son worked on a friend’s dad way back when they could still tattoo in the carnival. Goofed and the Zig Zag guy backwards. Gotta watch those double sided acetates.

  2. I got my first tattoo from Sailor barney at a fair in 1968. Later his on tattooed my name in my lip. I rode harleys with barney’s son

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