Decades in the making; AlleyNights.com has been a labor of love that appeared one day as honestly and organically as – Friendship.

For more than thirty years I’ve made several attempts at organizing, editing and imaging hundreds of thousands of negatives. Many of them have never been seen – even by me.

Yes, I captured the initial photograph and – yes I processed the film by hand. But long ago, believing I had all the time in the word – I simply cut the roll of negatives into 6 or 7 tidy strips and tucked them into an envelope with intentions to one day soon – turn a negative into a positive.

Decades later and countless times I have caught myself in a sober moment (pun intended), while hovering a box over the trash bin during a Spring cleaning session.

Despite yard sales, new homes and competing for space with the belongings of three children – the negatives have survived.

Now I have the time and wherewithal to get busy. Hopefully I can maintain the pace that seems to be required (the response has far surpassed my expectation).

If you appreciate my nostalgic jaunt down Wistful Lane to a time and place we all love; and wish to contribute to the publishing of more photos – please follow the link below.


Fast Eddie

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